Kyle Brown – Community Outreach Director

The Community Outreach Director coordinates communication between First Baptist and Scott City. The goal of this position is to help First Baptist become more aware of events and activities in Scott City and to publicize the events of First Baptist to the residents of Scott City.

Function: The duties of this role shall be as follows:
Publicize events happening at First Baptist to the residents of Scott City. This includes, but not limited to, the following: VBS, Revival, Meals, etc.
Promote events happening in Scott City to First Baptist. This includes events such as, but not limited to: School District, Chamber of Commerce, Parks Department, Historical Society, SCIPP, Kiwanis, Women’s Club, Ministerial Alliance, Garden Club, and VFW.
Seek to find ways First Baptist can bless Scott City Schools.
Seek to find ways to bless Scott City.
Seek opportunities for members of First Baptist to share the gospel with the residents of Scott City. This can be done through door to door visitation, block parties, phone calls, etc.

Upcoming Events (updates to come soon)