Share Your Testimony

After you have completed your prayer list and circled the three names, set up a time to tell them your testimony.  Continue to pray that God would open their hearts to hear your testimony and receive God’s free gift of salvation. Also contact some Christian friends and ask them to pray for you as you share with the people on your list.

What is my Testimony? Your testimony is your three part story of coming to faith in Jesus Christ.[1]

  1. First, tell about your life before you came to know Jesus as your Savior and Lord. Talk about what led you to Jesus and why you considered becoming His follower.  You do not have to spend much time on the particulars of your sin, but recount how you were a sinner living in rebellion against God.
  2. Second, tell about how you met Jesus. What happened that caused you to surrender your life to Him and follow Him?  Who were some major influences in your life at that time?  This would be a great time to share the ABC’s[2] of how you became a Christian:
    1. You Admitted to God that you were a sinner and repented;
    2. You Believed that Jesus is God’s own Son;
    3. You Confessed your faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.
  3. Third, tell about your life since Be open and honest about how you daily struggle against sin and daily use Jesus’ strength to live a life pleasing to Him.  Emphasize that you are committed to loving God and loving others.

Write out your testimony on a piece of paper (see My3 Discipleship Guide: Appendix B – page 26) and practice.  Your goal is to share it briefly (under 5 min), clearly (don’t ramble; stick to the main points), and with conviction (this is an important story).  Your goal is also to conclude (if able) with a gospel presentation of how your friend can become a Christian.  There are many great ways to do this and one great method is 3 Circles: Life Conversation Guide by the North American Mission Board (see My3 Discipleship Guide:Appendix C – page 27).2

[1] This simple guide for sharing your testimony is from T4T: Training for Trainers by Ying Kai. More information can be found at

[2] LifeWay “ABCs”.