Sermon Series Manuscripts

Old Testament

Firm Foundation: A Study of Genesis

God with Us: A Study of Exodus

Advent: Ruth – A Child is Born in Bethlehem

Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands: A Study of Nehemiah

A Meaningful Life: A Study of Ecclesiastes

God’s Great Compassion: A Study of Jonah

Going Through the Motions: A Study of Malachi

New Testament

The Sermon on the Mount

The Gospel of Luke: Part 1

The Gospel of Luke: Part 2

The Gospel of Luke: Part 3

Behold the Lamb: A Study of The Gospel of John

Joyful, Enduring Faith: A Study of Philippians

Grace and Mercy: A Study of Philemon

Jesus is Superior: A Study of Hebrews

Active Faith: A Study of James

Misc Sermons

The Baptist Faith and Message

Marriage is God’s Plan

Pathway to Peace: Blessed are the Peacemakers