Growing Together

First Baptist is committed to connecting as many people as possible into a Small Group.

Small Groups are neither more nor less important than worship services. They are complementary steps in discipleship because they strengthen different aspects of discipleship. For example, worship services are a large group gathering that helps unify and provides us a glimpse of heaven. Small Groups are different because they provide for the formation and development of relationships.

Small Groups are where loving accountability takes place and questions can be answered. We desire that participation in Small Groups would be a priority in our lives because it is vital to our spiritual growth. We desire that all members be connected in at least one Grow Group.

Grow Groups are small groups that meet primarily to learn and encourage. These groups meet to study the Bible, encourage one another, and hold one another accountable to pursuing holiness. These groups may meet on or off campus and their primary goal is to help members grow in spiritual maturity. These groups include our Sunday School Small Groups, our Discipleship Training Small Groups, and various other Small Groups. Below are the links to find out more about our grow groups:

  1. Sunday School for all ages at 9:45am.
  2. Adult Grow Group Schedule:
    1. Women meet Tuesday Nights at 6:30pm.
    2. Men meet Thursday Nights at 7:30pm.
    3. Various groups meet throughout the year.
  3. Youth Grow Group Schedule (Hooked 419):
    1. Sunday Nights at 6:00pm
    2. Wednesday Nights at 6:30pm.
  4. Children Grow Group Schedule (FBSC Kids):
    1. Sunday Nights at 6:00pm
    2. Wednesday Nights at 6:30pm.