Family Legacy Pathway

First Baptist’s mission is “Bringing the love of Christ to a hurting world.” This statement summarizes our work because we know that our world is hurting because of sin and that Christ is the only answer. One major focus of our mission is to be instruments in God’s hands to strengthen the family. William Bennett spoke of the importance of strong families when he said, “If we have stronger families we will have stronger schools, stronger churches, and stronger communities with less poverty and less crime. The family is the linchpin of society, both economically and socially.” Who builds strong families? Christ! Who does He call to be the primary disciple makers in the home? According to Deuteronomy 6 and Psalm 78, God intends for the family to be the primary vehicle to pass on Christian doctrine and life application to the next generation. This requires parents/guardians who willingly take on the role of being the primary disciple makers in the home. But, parents are not alone in this task because God calls the local church to partner with, equip, and empower parents in this noble task.

First Baptist’s strategy to equip and empower families is The Family Legacy Pathway. The Family Legacy Pathway focuses on 7 Milestones in the child’s life. In his book Shift, Bryan Haynes defines milestones as “markers of progression…that every person growing in his or her relationship with Christ experiences and celebrates.” In each Milestone, parents have the lead role in teaching and training while the church partners with, encourages and equips the parents as they lead. The 7 Milestones are as follows:

  • Milestone 1 – Family Dedication. Parents dedicate themselves to be the primary disciple makers in the home.
  • Milestone 2 – Gospel Foundations. Parents commit to teaching their children about Jesus and praying for them to come to saving faith in Jesus Christ.
  • Milestone 3 – Preparing for Adolescence. Parents intentionally disciple their children as they develop from a child into an adult.
  • Milestone 4 – Purity for Life. Parents disciple their children to be sexually pure as they develop healthy relationships with others and Christ.
  • Milestone 5 – Rite of Passage. Parents prepare their children to be men and women of God. Parents discuss Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, spiritual gifts, and service.
  • Milestone 6 – High School Graduation. Parents help their children develop the practical and spiritual skills to leave home.
  • Milestone 7 – Commitment to Discipleship. As your child enters into adulthood, they are encouraged to be a disciple who makes disciples.

The Family Legacy Pathway is based on the Milestones Ministry of Bay Area Church League City, TX. Please visit for more information. Used with permission.