Unknown yet Unforgettable (Mother’s Day)

We give thanks to God for the godly mothers who have positively impacted our lives. Whether it is your own mother or another woman who was a mother to you, we rejoice in a mother’s love. What is a mother? It has been said that a mother is someone who does the work of twenty,Continue reading “Unknown yet Unforgettable (Mother’s Day)”

Advent: The Announcement (Matt 1 & Luke 1)

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year “with those kids jingle-belling and everyone telling you be of good cheer”. Its music is joyful and triumphant! It’s a time for adding events to your calendar and for checking your Christmas gift list. As you are preparing your calendar and wallet/purse for Christmas, make sureContinue reading “Advent: The Announcement (Matt 1 & Luke 1)”

Jesus’ Signs in the Gospel of John: Part 2

Last week we learned that Jesus’ miracles were not just random acts of kindness. Jesus’ miracles were signs meant to authenticate His claim to be the Christ, the Son of God. The signs were verifiable proof that Jesus was sent from God (John 3:2). Last week we looked at 4 of Jesus’ signs and todayContinue reading “Jesus’ Signs in the Gospel of John: Part 2”

Advent: God is Love (1 John 4:8)

In April of 1975, the #1 song in America was Minnie Riperton’s “Loving You”. It began with this line: “Loving you is easy because you’re beautiful.” Not because you are nice, not because you are kind, but because you are beautiful. This is actually a consistent theme in modern music. Turn on “Top 40” radioContinue reading “Advent: God is Love (1 John 4:8)”

Land That I Love (Jeremiah 29:4-7)

Every 4th of July I find myself singing, “God Bless the USA” by Lee Greenwood. I am unapologetically proud to be an American. I am not only proud to be an American, I am proud to be a Christian. In fact, it is best to say that I am proud to be a Christian livingContinue reading “Land That I Love (Jeremiah 29:4-7)”

A Godly Father’s Priorities

Today is Father’s Day. A day when our nation honors Fathers and thanks God for the vital role of Fatherhood. A young boy was once asked to give a definition of Father’s Day. He replied, “It’s just like Mother’s Day, only you don’t spend as much on the present.” This is true because all dadContinue reading “A Godly Father’s Priorities”

Easter: Don’t Forget Jesus (Luke 17:11-19)

People rarely call their insurance agent just to chat. Insurance is something we get in order to protect ourselves from harm. We are glad we have it, but hope we never have to use it. While insurance for a car is good, Jesus does not sell life insurance. Salvation is not a life insurance policyContinue reading “Easter: Don’t Forget Jesus (Luke 17:11-19)”

Advent: Jesse’s Stump (Isaiah 11:1-10)

By the time this sermon is over, I pray that you will never be able look at a stump the same way again. I pray that every stump you see will cause you to pause and give thanks to God for providing you with hope because you remember that God does not reject His peopleContinue reading “Advent: Jesse’s Stump (Isaiah 11:1-10)”

A Godly Mother (Happy Mother’s Day)

  Moms, could you imagine being the mother of Jesus? What do you do with a perfectly obedient child? Before we begin today, let us make sure we are discussing the mother of Jesus who is found in the Bible. There is a profound disagreement between Catholics and Baptists regarding Jesus’ mother. Baptists stress weContinue reading “A Godly Mother (Happy Mother’s Day)”