2012 Year End Review (Matthew 28:18-20)

As one year draws to an end and a new year fast approaches, many people reflect on the past year’s successes and failures and set goals (resolutions) for the coming year.  Whether it is to lose weight, save more, or spend less; we tend to view the new year as a fresh start. (Some however make only one resolution each year to resolve to not make any resolutions.)

As 2012 comes to a close and 2013 is upon us, it is an opportune time for FBSC to reflect on the past year.  For example, in 2012:

  • 19 people have joined in membership
  • 13 have been baptized
  • 12 have made professions of faith in Jesus Christ
  • 86 Sunday School average attendance
  • 116 AM Worship Service average attendance
  • 24 Sermons in our Sunday Night “Overview of the Bible” series
  • 42 Sermons on the Gospel of Luke
  • 51 Sunday morning sermons & 52 Sunday Schools
  • 3 Women’s Small Groups and 1 Men’s Small group meeting regularly (1 Men’s group met in the summer).
  • FBSC gave $33,083 in Great Commission Giving
  • FBSC had an average of 143 in VBS (Highest!)

As exciting as those facts may be, not everything has been exciting:

  • There have been deaths and there have been individuals leave.
  • While 19 people joined in 2012, our need for volunteers has gotten direr.  We are desperate for volunteers in several key ministries of our church.  For example, we have had to stop running the van on Wednesdays due to a lack of volunteers.
  • While 19 people joined in 2012, our average SS and AM WS attendance remains unchanged.  In fact, this highlights an area of concern for FBSC.  Over the past 5 years (2008-2012), while having 73 additions to our membership role, FBSC has seen no real change in our average SS and AM WS attendance.  It is almost identical to what it was in 2008.

For 2013, we want more people to join with us in membership, we want to see more people baptized, we want more people to make professions of faith, we want to give more to the advancement of the gospel throughout our world.  We want more children to attend VBS, we want more people in our Sunday School.  But most importantly, we want to make disciples (Matt 28:18-20) who “turn the [family, job, community] world upside down” (Acts 17:6).

We want to be so intentional about making disciples that we have a Discipleship Plan for FBSC.  As a church of Jesus Christ, FBSC has been commissioned (Matt 28:18-20) to make disciples of all nations.  FBSC recognizes this sacred task and our goal is not to “make disciples” any harder than it is already.  Our desire is to adopt a simple, intentional plan for making disciples with clear requirements, expectations, and goals.

Non-members Prerequisite

Initial Membership Class

Everyone who desires to join FBSC is required to attend our Membership Class.  For all new members, this shall be the entry into our Discipleship Plan and upon completion of this 3-week class; the individual will be presented before the church for membership.

 Three Step Discipleship Plan

After successfully becoming a member, the individual shall join with all current members and shall be expected to make a priority of:

  1. Loving God through Worship.The Worship Services are where we shall be intentional about two things: (1) Connecting people to God and (2) Directing people into a relationship with other followers.  From the moment anyone enters a Worship Service, they are being intentionally directed into a relationship with others through a Sunday School and/or Small Group.
  2. Loving Others through Sunday School and Small Groups.It is this environment that is the primary engine of discipleship at FBSC.  It is here that we shall be intentional about: (1) Growing in the knowledge of God, (2) Carrying out the “one anothers” of the New Testament, and (3) Ministering to the needs of our church and community.  It is through this environment that we shall seek to prepare people for ministry at FBSC.
  3. Serving God and Others through a ministry.The Ministries of FBSC are where we shall be intentional about: (1) Staffing necessary committees for the oversight of various areas of FBSC and (2) Volunteering for preschool, children’s, and youth ministries.

FBSC shall make it a priority to encourage every individual to willingly and joyfully participate in all three areas of this Discipleship plan.  It is the sincere belief of the leadership of FBSC that every member who strives to make these three areas a priority in their life shall become a disciple that is fruitful and effective.

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