Don’t Be Dulled (Luke 21:29-38)

In our text today, it is either Tuesday or Wednesday of the last week of Jesus’ earthly ministry.  In a few days Jesus will be arrested, beaten, crucified, buried, and will be resurrected from the dead.  Knowing this, Jesus has been preparing His disciples for what is to come.  In verses 29-38, Jesus strongly challenged His disciples to not get distracted by the things of this world but to be alert at all times so that His return will not come unexpectedly like a trap.  Let us consider:

  • First, The Parable (Verses 29-31)
    • The parable helps us understand the purpose of the signs.
    • Just as the new leaves on a tree signify the coming summer; the signs of Luke 21 signify the end of the world and the return of Christ.
  • Second, The Promise (Verses 32-33)
    • If Jesus tells you something, He will keep His promise.
    • Jesus promised to return and He will keep His word.
    • Do you believe God is faithful?
  • Third, The Poison (Verse 34)
    • Don’t be dulled or weighed down from:
      • Pitiful pursuit of pleasures
      • Drunkenness or anything else that will inhibit clarity and alertness.
      • Worries of this world.
    • Adversity and troubles are used by God to sharpen you for His service.
    • Proper Use of Gifts:
      • We do not own anything
      • We manage everything
      • We are held accountable for how we manage.
  • Finally, The Persistence (Verses 34-36)
    • Be on guard.  Do not get distracted.
    • Be alert at all time through prayer.

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