Italy Mission Team – September 2019

Three members of First Baptist Church, along with 4 members of other Cape Girardeau Baptist Association Churches just returned from a mission trip to Belluno, Italy. Belluno is a town in northeast Italy of about 30,000 people.

Belluno sits at the south of the Italian Alps.

We arrived in Belluno Thursday, September 12th. That night we enjoyed a meal together with our team and our translator John Franco. Friday morning we met at Pastor Tommaso’s house to discuss our evangelism and discipleship strategy for the week and to pray for God’s blessing. Friday night we went into the main plaza in the center of Belluno. Jared Griffin used his art skills to create beautiful paintings. Each painting was made with spraypaint and featured a cross with Psalm 24:1 “The earth and everything in it, the world and its inhabitants, belong to the Lord.”

Jared Griffin creating Spray-paint art as part of our evangelism.
Gabriel, one of the youth at the local church, showing off a paiting by Jared.

Saturday, we met in the morning to prayerwalk the city. We asked God to bless Belluno and to open their eyes so that they may see Jesus as Christ and Lord. Also, the God would open their hearts to believe the Word of God. Saturday night we went back into the plaza for evangelism. It was a great night with the local church. Had very good conversations with the people of Belluno.

Prayerwalking Team: Left to right Pastor Tommaso, Kyle Brown, Jeremy Sells, Elias Silva, Jared Griffin, John Franco, Tracey Gust, Ionella Mioulesou, Delores Graham, Roger Graham (in front).
Pastor Tommaso uses these tracts on poster board to show what happens when a person dies without Christ. The man is seeing one of his rejections of the gospel. The translation is: “Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life no man comes to the father except through me. (John 14:6) “I don’t need any stupid stuff. I’m okay. I do it my way.” “I must have been crazy.”

On Sunday, we worshipped with the local church in Belluno. Jared was able to share a video of a skit the youth of FBC Scott City made and Jeremy preached on the Persistent, Patient Prayer of Elijah. Sunday night we had a discipleship class on Marriage. We used Mike and Marcia Bloom’s “Rekindling the Romance” and it was very well received.

Roger and Delores Graham discussing the importance of love and respect in marriage.
Mike Bloom, it’s gone international!

Monday, we did more prayer walking in the morning and evangelism in the evening. During the day, Jeremy went walking around the city and was greatly burdened for the people. He said, “There is so much Christianity in marble and paintings, but so little in flesh and blood. Jesus is present in the art, but absent from the heart.”

This is only a small portion of all we did and saw. It was a fantastic trip and a great partnership. Please pray for the people of Belluno and the local church there. God bless.

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