Vision: Where Are We Going?

We now turn our attention to Vision and ask the question: “Where Are We Going?” We will learn that we want to commit our lives to see Jesus transform our lives. Remember, mission reminds us what we should be doing, vision reminds us where we are going. Rob Peters said, “Mission informs the mind of what we should be doing and vision inspires the heart to remember where the mission should take us.” Our vision is Christ transforming our lives.

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Where Are We Going?

Close your eyes and imagine a world in which everyone loves, obeys, and worships Jesus Christ. What you are imagining is a world that does not exist…yet. This is the world that God promised is to come. It is encapsulated in Jesus’ prayer: “Your kingdom come. You will be done on earth as it is in heaven” (Matt 6:10). 

As It is in Heaven

Where are we going? Christians are going to heaven. We have the blessing that our ultimate vision will become a reality because it is promised by God to us. For the purpose of this sermon, we shall keep the ultimate vision in view as we seek to establish a vision for our church for the next 10 years. In other words, knowing that we will end up eventually in a world in which everyone loves, obeys, and worships Jesus Christ; what do we want our church to look like 10 years from now.

What Do We Want?

What do we want our church to look like in 10 years? We want First Baptist to be a place where people come to meet Jesus and to be transformed by Jesus. Our vision is that we would be instruments in the Redeemer’s hands and we would see Christ transforming lives through salvations, freedom from addictions, healing of relationships, and growing in spiritual maturity. 

Next Steps

God is always calling His children to the next steps of obedience. When we consider our Vision, we are making a statement about a future that does not yet exist but one in which we will commit ourselves to help build. Assuming there will be another 10 years, what do we want our Church to look like? Spend some time this week praying about this and consider:

  • If Jesus were to ask you, “What do you want Me to do for you?” How would you answer? How should you answer?
  • What aspects of our Church are healthy and need to continue and be strengthened?
  • What aspects of our Church are not faithful to our mission and need reexamination?
  • Who do you know that needs to be saved? Are you praying for them and speaking to them about becoming a follower of Jesus?
  • Who do you know that needs encouragement? Are you willing to help them?
  • Who do you know that needs a private work of rebuke? If so, do it humbly and privately with a desire to help your brother/sister?
  • What are you asking God to do in your life? In your family’s life? In your neighborhood? In our Church? Our City? Our State? Our Country? The World?

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