What Do You Believe?

Everybody has their beliefs. We all believe something. What is important is do we believe the truths revealed in the Bible. What do you know about the Christian faith? Do you know what you believe? If so, do those around us know what we believe? If we know what we believe, do we demonstrate by our actions that we believe what we believe? If we believe what we believe, do those around us believe that we believe what we believe? All this is important for us to examine because Jesus knows whether or not we are being faithful.

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Do We Know What We Believe?

One thought haunts me: Too many people will enter eternal damnation after sitting for years in a church pew. How can that be? Because even though they sat in a church pew they never actually believed what was preached from the pulpit. They most likely said they believed the Christian faith, but they were never born again. It is possible to profess faith without actually possessing faith. For this reason, we should examine ourselves to see if there is any evidence of spiritual fruit in our lives.

We need to examine our beliefs. Everybody believes something, but do they believe Biblical truth? What do you believe about Christianity? What do you believe about the Scriptures? God? Man? Salvation? Grace? The Church? Baptism and the Lord’s Supper? The Kingdom of God? Last Things? Evangelism and Missions? Education? Stewardship? Cooperation? Religious Liberty? Sexuality, Gender and the Family? Have you taken time to study these areas to see what the Bible teaches? Don’t be content to just take someone else’s word for it, study these truths for yourself. Humble yourself and ask Him to grant wisdom to know the truth.

Do They Know What We Believe?

If someone asked you what you believe about Christianity, how would you respond? When was the last time someone asked you about what you believe? Does your family know what you believe about Jesus? What about your co-workers? What about your neighbors? Do those around you know what you believe about Jesus? This is not a call to be obnoxious, but a call to be a faithful witness. For some reason many Christians are reluctant to share with others about Jesus. We are afraid that we will offend someone or that someone is not interested in what we have to say. Let this thought stick in your mind: We love to talk about what we love. If you are reluctant to talk to others about Jesus, ask yourself why that is. Go to God in prayer and ask Him to help you talk of Scripture to those around you. Do others know what you believe?

Do We Believe What We Say We Believe?

It’s good to confess the right beliefs about Christianity, but do we actually believe them? The old saying that still rings true is: “Actions speak louder than words.” It is important to believe what we say we believe because if we don’t we are hypocrites. Nobody likes a hypocrite. Hypocrites don’t even like hypocrites. Hypocrisy in religion can be best described as a focus on outward religious performance to the neglect of inward spiritual faithfulness. While it is true that everyone is open to the charge of hypocrisy, the charge will not stick if you are humbly confessing our hypocrisy and seeking to be faithful. 

It’s good to believe that Jesus is in complete control, but do you actually live your life with the certainty that Jesus is in complete control? How does Jesus’ current position as King of Kings and Lord of Lords affect your anxiety about your bills? How does the fact that God will judge every man according to their deeds affect your self-control? Everyone has 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. How do we use those hours and days? How much time do we spend showing love and mercy to others? How much time do we spend selfishly? These are questions we all must take to God in prayer and ask for help and wisdom. 

Do They Believe We Believe What We Say We Believe?

No one should be surprised to find out that you are a Christian. It should become apparent soon after meeting you that there is something different about you. Jesus called His followers “the salt of the earth” (Matt 5:13) and “the light of the world“ (Matt 5:14). The effectiveness of salt is demonstrated in its ability to improve the taste of food and slow the decay of food. Bad salt is worthless. The effectiveness of light is demonstrated in its ability to give light. Poor lighting fails to brighten. Jesus used these two illustrations to show His followers that they are to “let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to our Father in heaven” (Matt 5:16). What we believe should affect how we live and should impact those around us. Leonard Ravenhill once said, “The world is not waiting for a new definition of Christianity but a new demonstration of Christianity.” Christians should always leave a positive impact on those around them.

Jesus Knows

Everybody has their beliefs. We all believe something. What do you believe? Do you believe what the Bible teaches? Jesus knows what we believe and if we truly believe what we believe. We will stand  before Him to give an account of ourselves. If we are not born again, we will receive a just sentence for our rebellion. If we are born again, we will receive a reward based on our obedience and be welcomed into paradise to dwell with Him forever.

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