Practice Constancy (Ecclesiastes 7)

First Baptist Church Scott City, MO · Practice Constancy (Ecclesiastes 7) Ecclesiastes 7 is a difficult chapter to outline. The first 14 verses contain proverbs about wisdom, folly, prosperity, and adversity. Some of the proverbs are very difficult to understand such as 7:1 “the day of one’s death is better than the day of one’sContinue reading “Practice Constancy (Ecclesiastes 7)”

Joseph: Ministering in Misery (Genesis 40)

Are you a fair-weather fan? Fair-weather fans only show their support during the good times. For devoted fans, being called a fair-weather fan is an insult. They might reply: “I support my team win or lose because I’m committed!” A more important question is: “Do you have a fair-weather faith?” In other words, is itContinue reading “Joseph: Ministering in Misery (Genesis 40)”

The Call of Abram (Genesis 11:10-12:9)

When God calls, you should answer. But what if I do not want to answer? What if I am comfortable where I am and perfectly content doing what I am doing? Do not be afraid of God’s call, whatever it may be, because God always calls you to something better. In our sermon today, weContinue reading “The Call of Abram (Genesis 11:10-12:9)”