Weeping in Ramah (Matthew 2:16-18)

This morning, on the fourth Sunday of Advent, we light the fourth candle commonly called the “Angels Candle”.  This candle is lit to remind us of the peace granted to us through Jesus Christ.  You may think it strange to entitle a sermon “Weeping in Ramah” on the morning that we are lighting a candleContinue reading “Weeping in Ramah (Matthew 2:16-18)”

Greatness Out of the Ordinary (Matthew 2:6)

Once a great kingdom in West Africa, the Songhai people now survive as sustenance farmers in a harsh climate with little rainfall and a heat index as high as 150 degrees.  Among the 20 poorest countries in the world, the Songhai primarily preside in #7 (Niger) and #16 (Mali).  The average person in this regionContinue reading “Greatness Out of the Ordinary (Matthew 2:6)”