Prayers of Confession (Matthew 6:12,14-15)

In this section of Jesus’ prayer, He tells His disciples to pray “and forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors.” In this prayer Jesus teaches them about Prayers of Confession: the need to be forgiven and to forgive. Forgive Us Our Sins When we become a Christian, God forgives all ourContinue reading “Prayers of Confession (Matthew 6:12,14-15)”

Noah’s Altar (Genesis 8:20-22)

Over the past few weeks we have learned about Noah and the flood. In Genesis 6, God saw that the world was corrupt because of the wickedness of man. God decided to destroy the earth with a flood. Before the flood came, however, Noah found favor with God because he was a righteous man. GodContinue reading “Noah’s Altar (Genesis 8:20-22)”

Prayers of Confession (Luke 11:4)

Today we continue our sermon series in Luke 11 on the subject of Prayer.  We have learned that prayer is communication with God and that it is an act of worship in which a person communicates with God the Father, through the access provided by God the Son, and by the prompting of God theContinue reading “Prayers of Confession (Luke 11:4)”