Idolatry: Diagnosed, Defined, & Defeated (James 4:1-10)

The irritation you have with those around you is usually the result of the idolatry you have within you. But, someone may object: “Wait a minute! It’s not my fault! My fights are because of other people. They mistreat me, they hurt me, and they malign me.” While it is true that other people canContinue reading “Idolatry: Diagnosed, Defined, & Defeated (James 4:1-10)”

Me, Myself, and I! (Mark 9:35)

Have you ever heard someone say: “There are too many chiefs and not enough Indians”? If so, they are saying that there are too many people who want to be leaders and not enough people who are willing to be followers. In Mark 9, Jesus’ followers were arguing about who was the greatest. Jesus toldContinue reading “Me, Myself, and I! (Mark 9:35)”

4 Helpful Reminders for Living Peaceably (Genesis 21:22-34)

Conflict is inevitable. You can try hard to avoid it, but the Bible says that “all have sinned” (Rom 3:23); therefore, the potential for conflict is always present. This is why the Apostle Paul wrote in Romans 12:18, “If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all.” Even though sin isContinue reading “4 Helpful Reminders for Living Peaceably (Genesis 21:22-34)”

Live by Faith, not Sight (Genesis 13)

Be careful when making decisions. What may look like Heaven may in fact be Hell. The eyes can be deceived so we must not trust our eyes. Instead, God instructs us to prayerfully seek His will because He always guides us to what is best. In our sermon today, we shall study Genesis 13 andContinue reading “Live by Faith, not Sight (Genesis 13)”

What If He Refuses to Listen? (Matthew 18:15-17)

Last week we discussed the first part of Jesus’ process for reconciliation (Matthew 18:15). Today we shall learn what to do if the other person refuses to listen to our concerns. If he refuses to listen to us, we must take one or two other mature Christians to help establish the charges (18:16).  If heContinue reading “What If He Refuses to Listen? (Matthew 18:15-17)”

Go and Be Reconciled (Matthew 18:15)

Conflict is inevitable.  Having said that, a clear sign of Christian maturity is not how well you avoid conflict, but how you respond to conflict.  Immature Christians are quickly offended and slow to forgive; whereas mature Christians are slow to take offense and quick to forgive.  In our current series we have thus far learnedContinue reading “Go and Be Reconciled (Matthew 18:15)”

Blessed are the Peacemakers (Matthew 5:9)

Conflict is unavoidable.  The sooner one accepts that fact the better.  Everyone, at some time or another, will be embroiled in conflict and hostility.  Conflict may mean anything from harsh words to loss of property or life.  Jesus was no stranger to conflict.  He experienced conflict and spoke on the subject on many occasions.  InContinue reading “Blessed are the Peacemakers (Matthew 5:9)”