The Omnipotence of God (Genesis 1:1)

You may have heard this question before: “Can God create a rock so large that He is unable to lift it?” It is a well-known and challenging question because the Bible teaches that God is all-powerful and has complete control (Omnipotence).  Therefore, if you answer ‘No, He cannot make a rock too large…’ you feelContinue reading “The Omnipotence of God (Genesis 1:1)”

Knowing Jesus (Luke 10:21-24)

Sermon Guide “Knowing Jesus”  Luke 10:21-24 Sunday, September 9, 2012  This morning we will continue our study of the Gospel of Luke in verses 21-24 of the 10th Chapter.  In these verses we will remember that Jesus is the only means of salvation and that there is a difference between knowing Jesus and knowing aboutContinue reading “Knowing Jesus (Luke 10:21-24)”