A Tangled Web (Genesis 26:34-28:5)

Over the past two weeks we have learned the important truth that God’s blessings are not tied to our performance, but on the finished work of Christ. God does not love us more on our good days or love us less on our bad days. God’s love is steadfast. But if God’s love is steadfastContinue reading “A Tangled Web (Genesis 26:34-28:5)”

God’s Blessing (Genesis 26:12-33)

Do you want God to bless you? In Genesis 26:12, we learn that the Lord blessed Isaac. In today’s sermon we are going to consider whether or not we want to be blessed by God like Isaac was. Before you quickly answer “Oh course!”, let us consider what God’s blessing entails and what it elicits.Continue reading “God’s Blessing (Genesis 26:12-33)”

Always Faithful (Genesis 26:1-12)

Christian, God is always faithful and will always keep His promises; therefore, spend less time worrying about your performance and more time resting in Christ’s love. When we worry about how we measure up, we take our focus off of Christ and place it upon ourselves. When we take our focus off of ourselves andContinue reading “Always Faithful (Genesis 26:1-12)”

Thy Will be Done (Genesis 25:19-34)

God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life that might not always seem so wonderful. Consider, this morning, the story of the birth of Esau and Jacob and learn that the faithful may not always understand; but they always trust. If you love God, you trust Him. If you trust God, youContinue reading “Thy Will be Done (Genesis 25:19-34)”

God’s Providential Guidance (Genesis 24)

Do you want the Lord to lead you or leave you alone? If you want to be left alone, you will elevate your desires and preferences and find disillusionment as you seek happiness and peace in vain. If you want to be led by God, you will submit yourself to Christ in faith and findContinue reading “God’s Providential Guidance (Genesis 24)”

I Surrender All (Genesis 22)

One of the most convicting songs we sing is “I Surrender All”. Consider the first verse: “All to Jesus I surrender, All to Him I freely give; I will ever love and trust Him, In His presence daily live.” The line that is, personally, the most convicting is “all to Him I freely give”. WhenContinue reading “I Surrender All (Genesis 22)”