Joseph: Faithful to the End (Gen 49:29-50:26)

Will you be faithful to the very end? If you are a Christian, you most certainly will because your salvation is not dependent upon your faithfulness, but on the faithfulness of Jesus Christ. Those who abandon their faith never had genuine faith (see 1 John 2:19-23). Those who are truly born again (John 3:3) willContinue reading “Joseph: Faithful to the End (Gen 49:29-50:26)”

God’s Blessing (Genesis 26:12-33)

Do you want God to bless you? In Genesis 26:12, we learn that the Lord blessed Isaac. In today’s sermon we are going to consider whether or not we want to be blessed by God like Isaac was. Before you quickly answer “Oh course!”, let us consider what God’s blessing entails and what it elicits.Continue reading “God’s Blessing (Genesis 26:12-33)”

A Disappointing New Start (Genesis 9 & 10)

How quickly the fresh start of 2016 can sour! The New Year’s Resolutions that are enthusiastically determined before the old year ends are quietly discarded after the New Year begins. The gym membership that sounded so promising in 2015, now sounds unreasonable in 2016. The promises of quality time with family have succumbed to theContinue reading “A Disappointing New Start (Genesis 9 & 10)”