4 Hindrances to Revival

The Psalmist (85:6) cried out to God “Will you not revive us again, that your people may rejoice in you?” Revival will not come until Christians fervently cry out for it in prayer. Quick question: How many of us are doing it? Many of our churches declining and dying. Too many of our churches areContinue reading “4 Hindrances to Revival”

Forgiveness & Reconciliation (Genesis 33)

       A sure sign of Christian maturity is not how well you avoid conflict, but how you respond to conflict. For example, immature Christians are quick to take offense and slow to forgive and seek reconciliation; while mature Christians are slow to take offense and quick to forgive and seek reconciliation. Forgiving a personContinue reading “Forgiveness & Reconciliation (Genesis 33)”

7 Blessings of Forgiveness 

Did you know there is a Christian way to fight? Many Christians don’t know, so they fight just as they did before they became Christian. Fighting like a non-Christian is sinful because it is according to self-interest and self-preservation. It involves deceit and manipulation of others and results in anger, bitterness, and resentment. This isContinue reading “7 Blessings of Forgiveness “