The Son (Luke 3)

Christmas is just a few days away so there is still time to prepare.  For some of us, it means that there is still time to get that last minute gift.  With some retailers, such as Amazon, there is still time to have your gift delivered before Christmas.  In all the hurried frenzy of theContinue reading “The Son (Luke 3)”

As the Prophets Foretold (Isaiah 9:6-7)

Living in a mud home with spotty electricity surrounded by razor wire and guards, having an inadequate food supply, working in a dirty and poorly equipped hospital treating patients with diseases and situations rarely encountered in the US, and encountering security check-points and people with AK-47s on a regular basis; Doug Page[1] has given hisContinue reading “As the Prophets Foretold (Isaiah 9:6-7)”