The Omniscience of God (Genesis 1:1)

Growing up I was told about a man who could see me when I was sleeping; he knew when I was awake; he knew if I was bad or good so, therefore, I should be good for goodness sake. While Christians should not be overly concerned about Santa Claus watching us, we should be thankfulContinue reading “The Omniscience of God (Genesis 1:1)”

A Christ-Centered Life

Today is a special day at First Baptist because we rejoice with our graduating High School and College seniors.  You have worked hard and deserve the recognition you are receiving.  In our sermon today, we encourage you to pursue knowledge, pleasure, and wealth.  Set goals and enjoy life.  Also, most importantly, make sure Christ isContinue reading “A Christ-Centered Life”

Able to Instruct One Another (Romans 15:14)

There are many “one another” passages in the Bible.  These passages are commands from God for how the members of the Church are to think, speak, and act towards one another.  This morning we shall discuss a very important, but often neglected “one another” passage.   It is from Romans 15:14: I myself am satisfied aboutContinue reading “Able to Instruct One Another (Romans 15:14)”