When to Leave (Gen 30:25-31:17)

How can one discern when a relationship has gotten toxic and when it is God’s will to leave? (We must proceed cautiously because there is a unique relationship—marriage—that is not to be quickly or easily broken. This sermon is not discussing marriage but other relationships we have.) We all have many relationships and some, weContinue reading “When to Leave (Gen 30:25-31:17)”

Following the Good Shepherd (Genesis 29:1-30)

When you remember that you are walking on the righteous path, following the Good Shepherd, you can endure all the trials and sufferings you encounter. Psalm 23 is a very comforting chapter because it is a clear reminder that the Lord guides His children through every step of life. Have you ever noticed, however, thatContinue reading “Following the Good Shepherd (Genesis 29:1-30)”