Turn the Other Cheek (Matthew 5:38-42)

We now turn our attention to the portion of the Sermon on the Mount where Jesus teaches us to “turn the other cheek.” Before we begin an in-depth discussion of what this means and how to properly apply it, we must be clear about what it does not mean. First, Jesus is not telling anContinue reading “Turn the Other Cheek (Matthew 5:38-42)”

Our Values: A Mighty Flowing River

While a lake may be beautiful, a river is powerful. Jesus designed His church to be more like a powerful river rather than a leisurely lake. While many factors contribute to this power, consider that it is the banks of the river that channel energy and momentum. Last week we discussed what we are supposedContinue reading “Our Values: A Mighty Flowing River”

How to Forgive Anyone and Everyone

Far too many Christians have fallen for one of the devil’s biggest lies.  Have you?  Let’s find out by answering the following question: “Are you able to forgive someone who has hurt you or someone you love?”  If the answer is “No”, then you have fallen for one of the devil’s biggest lies.  The BibleContinue reading “How to Forgive Anyone and Everyone”