Prayers of Praise (Matthew 6:9 & Luke 11:2)

After providing examples of how His disciples ought not to pray, Jesus provides an example of how they should pray. What follows is often called “The Lord’s Prayer” or “The Model Prayer”. This prayer is not meant to be recited word for word (though it is a great prayer), rather it is an example ofContinue reading “Prayers of Praise (Matthew 6:9 & Luke 11:2)”

Loved Like Leah (Genesis 29:31-35)

Never allow another person to determine your worth. Why? Because they are horrible at it and it is not their job. Christians need to spend less time worrying about what other people think about us and more time rejoicing in what God thinks about us. When you rejoice in God’s great love for you (John 3:16),Continue reading “Loved Like Leah (Genesis 29:31-35)”