Robbing God’s Storehouse (Malachi 3:6-12)

Failure to live faithfully has been the focus of our study of the book of Malachi. Thus far we have learned that the people of Malachi’s day had major problems in their worship that God sought to correct. They questioned God’s love, were apathetic in worship, the religious leaders turned aside from true instruction (causingContinue reading “Robbing God’s Storehouse (Malachi 3:6-12)”

The Danger of Wealth (James 5:1-6)

Previously, James wrote about the foolishness of boasting about your future (James 4:13-17). It is foolish, James writes, because our lives are like a mist that quickly vanishes. In James 5:1-6, he writes about the danger of wealth. Being wealthy is not sinful, but wealth can be dangerous. Wealth can be dangerous because it canContinue reading “The Danger of Wealth (James 5:1-6)”

Those Rotten Pharisees! (Luke 16:14-15)

I have never met a Christian who likes the Pharisees.  In fact, I would be shocked if someone came up to me and said, “I think the Pharisees were actually the good guys and Jesus was too harsh with them.”  Christians recognize that the Pharisees, as a group, were religious hypocrites.  They said one thingContinue reading “Those Rotten Pharisees! (Luke 16:14-15)”

True Riches (Luke 16:9-13)

 Last Sunday we discussed “You and Your Money”. Using the parable of the dishonest manager from Luke 16:1-8, we were reminded of three (3) principles concerning money and possessions: 1) it is not your money, 2) you are a manager of God’s money, and 3) you are accountable for how you manage God’s money.  TheContinue reading “True Riches (Luke 16:9-13)”

You and Your Money (Luke 16:1-8)

Parable of the Dishonest Manager In Luke 16:1-8, Jesus tells us about a rich man who employed a man to manage his money and accounts.  The manager was dishonest and was charged with wasting his master’s possessions.  When the charges were brought to the master, he ordered the manger to turn in “the account ofContinue reading “You and Your Money (Luke 16:1-8)”