Jesus’ Authentic Love

The world bases its love on appearances (beauty, money, etc.) and the result is greed, pride, and vanity. Jesus taught and modeled something radically different. Jesus based his love on who you are, rather than what you have or what you have done. This love is authentic and the result is peace, contentment, and humility.Continue reading “Jesus’ Authentic Love”

Glad, Sad, and Mad (Luke 19:28-48)

Did you know that—according to the Bible—Jesus displayed many different emotions during His time on earth? This is significant because it reminds us that Jesus is not only completely God but completely man. He is God the Son who entered into this world as a man so that He would redeem mankind to God. InContinue reading “Glad, Sad, and Mad (Luke 19:28-48)”

A Lesson from the Sycamore Tree (Luke 19:1-10)

Our sermon today concerns an encounter Jesus had with a man named Zacchaeus who was sitting in a sycamore tree.  Zacchaeus is sort of an ironic fellow.  Zacchaeus is a Hebrew name meaning “clean or pure” but he was a corrupt tax collector who worked for the Roman Government.  Today, we shall read about thisContinue reading “A Lesson from the Sycamore Tree (Luke 19:1-10)”