Where are the Nine? (Luke 17:11-19)

Our text from the Bible this morning is Luke 17:11-19.  In this text we learn about an encounter Jesus had with ten lepers as He entered a village between Samaria and Galilee on His way to Jerusalem.  In this text we shall discover: 1) A Cry for Help, 2) A Command of Hope, and 3)Continue reading “Where are the Nine? (Luke 17:11-19)”

Jesus is the Answer

This weekend we honor our graduates and their hard work in order to complete their degrees.  You have passed the tests, you have written the papers and you have shown yourself worthy of receiving your diploma.  As we celebrate with you on this achievement, we commend you towards the next phase of life.  But beforeContinue reading “Jesus is the Answer”

What is the Kingdom of God Like? (Luke 13:18-21)

This morning we shall discuss two parables about the kingdom of God found in Luke 13:18-21: He said therefore, “What is the kingdom of God like? And to what shall I compare it? It is like a grain of mustard seed that a man took and sowed in his garden, and it grew and becameContinue reading “What is the Kingdom of God Like? (Luke 13:18-21)”

Beware of Cheap Imitations (Luke 13:10-17)

It has been said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  That may or may not be true.  Sometimes imitation can be good.  I am thankful for some imitations such as “generics” (medication, food, etc.) because they usually imitate the real product well for a fraction of the cost.  Sometimes, however, imitation is notContinue reading “Beware of Cheap Imitations (Luke 13:10-17)”

Is the Church Important? (Matthew 16:18)

Over the past few months we have been discussing our Mission and Vision.  Our Mission—What We Are Called To Do—is reaching and teaching for changed lives.  Our Vision—Where We Hope To Go—is that we want to be a community of disciples who love God and love others.  We have already discussed two principles needed toContinue reading “Is the Church Important? (Matthew 16:18)”

No Greater Love (John 15:13)

Our passage this morning is John 15:13 and is very fitting for this Sunday. In this verse our Lord spoke of the greatest expression of love: sacrificial love. He said, “Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.” Let us discuss three examples of sacrificial love. SacrificialContinue reading “No Greater Love (John 15:13)”

Our Mission: What We Are Called To Do (Matthew 28:18-20)

Over the next few Sundays we shall discuss the following: Our Mission: What We Are Called To Do Our Vision: Where We Hope To Go Our Plan: How We Get There Our Response: What We Shall Do This Sunday morning we will focus on “Our Mission: What We Are Called To Do”.  Our Mission isContinue reading “Our Mission: What We Are Called To Do (Matthew 28:18-20)”

True Wisdom (Luke 10:21)

Wisdom is the ability to correctly apply knowledge.  Most people seek wisdom but most people do not seek true wisdom.  In our passage this morning we will discuss the difference between true and false wisdom and examine ourselves to see which wisdom we follow.  Luke 10:21 says Jesus rejoiced in the Holy Spirit and said:Continue reading “True Wisdom (Luke 10:21)”