Advent: Waiting for Rest (Ruth 3)

First Baptist Church Scott City, MO · Advent: Waiting for Rest (Ruth 3) We continue our study of Ruth and we wait with great expectation the day of Christ’s birth. Naomi’s Plan for Rest Naomi cared greatly for Ruth and desired that she find rest (a secure position) for her with a husband and family.Continue reading “Advent: Waiting for Rest (Ruth 3)”

Relationships are Vanity (Ecclesiastes 4:1-16) 

First Baptist Church Scott City, MO · Relationships are Vanity (Ecclesiastes 4) Solomon has thus far spent time discussing the vanity of life under the sun. He has been examining common ways people search for relevance and meaning and finds them fleeting and frustrating. If wisdom, pleasure, and work cannot bring contentment, what can? SolomonContinue reading “Relationships are Vanity (Ecclesiastes 4:1-16) “

Our Great High Priest: Part 4 (Hebrews 9:15-10:18)

Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of the Old Covenant and is therefore the Mediator of the New Covenant. A Mediator is someone who stands between two parties. Jesus is the One who stands between men and God to reconcile them. As the Mediator, Jesus holds a three-fold office in the New Covenant: Prophet, Priest, andContinue reading “Our Great High Priest: Part 4 (Hebrews 9:15-10:18)”

Jonah, What did you Say? (Jonah 3)

The first two chapters of Jonah are very instructional for those who would try to run from God. The Lord told Jonah to go to Nineveh and preach, but Jonah decided to go as far away from Nineveh as he possibly could: Tarshish. Jonah found out that it is impossible to run from God andContinue reading “Jonah, What did you Say? (Jonah 3)”

VBS: Galactic Starveyors

For those who grew up with Vacation Bible School (VBS), the words bring back many memories. Some remember that it is usually hot. Some remember crafts, games, and Bible stories. I remember Kool-Aid and cookies. But most importantly, I remember gathering together with my friends and family to learn about Jesus. Today, VBS begins. ItContinue reading “VBS: Galactic Starveyors”