Advent: Waiting for Rest (Ruth 3)

First Baptist Church Scott City, MO · Advent: Waiting for Rest (Ruth 3) We continue our study of Ruth and we wait with great expectation the day of Christ’s birth. Naomi’s Plan for Rest Naomi cared greatly for Ruth and desired that she find rest (a secure position) for her with a husband and family.Continue reading “Advent: Waiting for Rest (Ruth 3)”

Why God Makes Us Wait (Gen 15)

It is hard to wait. Waiting is difficult because we do not want to wait. We want what we want when we want it. Businesses know this and that is why Walmart keeps everything in stock, an oil change can take less than 15 minutes, and Amazon offers, for certain items in select areas, 1Continue reading “Why God Makes Us Wait (Gen 15)”

Waiting for Redemption (Genesis 5)

(Audio not available) When my wife and I lived in Louisville, KY our microwave one day stopped working. Money was tight so we decided not to buy another one. I am happy to announce that we survived our temporary microwave-less life and learned how much we took for granted with a microwave. For example, insteadContinue reading “Waiting for Redemption (Genesis 5)”